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“I am so blessed. God has given me a great opportunity, and I am truly thankful! It is amazing that I found my passion at such a young age, and I am now able to share it with others. Whether it is working on a teen to help with acne before prom, men and women struggling with the signs of aging, or just someone who wants to relax and feel better about themselves… I want to be there to help. Your face is the first thing people see. Your skin condition affects how you feel. I want people to feel good!

O2 was started because I believe that self care is important. Because it is okay to take time for yourself to preserve yourself. If you are not whole then how can you give to anyone else? I believe that the things that we do and how we touch our clients make them look good on the outside but more importantly make them feel good on the inside. I have always wanted O2 to be a place of positive energy and for that to be felt by every client that we touch. I want to uplift people. I want people to leave O2 feeling a little bit lighter, lifted, happier. Since opening O2, there has been a lot of heart, soul and time put into it but I have never felt like it was “work”. I have loved every minute.

I am so grateful for all the help that I have received and continue to get from my awesome team, family, friends and clients. Watch out! I still have big plans and dreams for O2!”

— Brittani Bass Pitre, Owner
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