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“I am so blessed. God has given me a great opportunity, and I am truly thankful! It is amazing that I found my passion at such a young age, and I am now able to share it with others. Whether it is working on a teen to help with acne before prom, men and women struggling with the signs of aging, or just someone who wants to relax and feel better about themselves… I want to be there to help! Your face is the first thing people see. Your skin condition affects how you feel. I want people to feel good!

I have always wanted O2 to be a place of positive energy and for that to be felt by every client that we touch. Since opening O2, there has been a lot of heart, soul and time put into my business but I have never felt like it was “work”. I have loved every minute!

I am so grateful for all the help that I have received and continue to get from my awesome team, family, friends and clients. Watch out! I still have big plans and dreams for O2!”

— Brittani Bass Pitre, Owner
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