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My Experience with Prenatal Massage

Posted by Brittani Bass Pitre on Sep 20, 2018 2:28:28 PM

Y’all!! This is a picture of me (and my little mini) a little over one year ago, just days before our sweet baby boy entered the world!!


I show you this, not to shock you with my huge bump, but to tell you what got me through the last couple of weeks and days of my pregnancy. Little did I know that I would give birth to a rather big 9lbs 1oz baby boy. The gift (if you are pregnant now and struggling, I promise you will feel this later) of pregnancy is such an amazing and beautiful experience...you are growing a human!


But let’s be honest, it’s no cake walk. I never, for one day, wanted to take for granted the fact that I could actually get pregnant and carry my babies to term with minimal issues. I know that is something not everyone gets to experience and I am grateful that I could. With that being said, my pregnancies were good but the last few weeks were a real STRUGGLE. The no sleep, can’t get comfy, using the restroom every hour, swollen feet, swollen face, swollen everything kind of struggle.

Do you know what I found that helped me? Getting rubbed on! Seriously! Having my aching feet, lower back and head massaged was THE BEST EVER! A prenatal massage became the best unexpected treat and source of comfort to my aching body.



So if you are pregnant now, please GIVE yourself some time to get a massage. Whether it is a foot massage done by a hubby or a friend or a prenatal massage done by a professional....you need it. You deserve it!!


And if you know of someone pregnant and you want to treat them and don’t know what to do, buy them a gift card for a prenatal massage. They will be forever grateful!!

Make sure you take care of the one body you have and as ladies we give so much from! Whether is a  prenatal, deep tissue, swedish or even lymphatic drainage massage, there are so many ways to help you receive comfort and relief. 

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Give the Gift of Massage


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