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Posted by Brittani Bass Pitre on Jun 14, 2019 9:03:57 AM




So many times I hear “Wait, you have male clients?” The answer is yes. Men need and want facials too. Men age like women. Men have insecurities like women. Men want to look and feel good like women. The idea that facials are just for women is a thing of the past. So listen up men, here are some benefits of facials….

  • Shaving everyday can cause irritation, bumps, dryness, etc. Estheticians can use microdermabrasion or other great exfoliation techniques to remove dull, dry skin. Estheticians can also use professional grade serums and other products to infuse or apply to calm down irritation or for intense hydration.
  • Facials increase blood flow and circulation. As we age, circulation slows down. Having your face massaged helps provide your skin cells with much needed oxygen and blood flow, which gives your skin a natural glow.
  • A skilled esthetician can target those stubborn black heads, milia (small, white bumps under the skin) or even clogged pores that most men either don’t notice, don’t care about or just don’t know what to do with them. Don’t risk scarring your skin or making a minimal problem worse. Leave the extractions to a professional!
  • Aside from many skin benefits, facials can be very relaxing. Facials can physically and mentally de-stress you! Taking the time to care for your skin is healthy for your body and your mind.

Ok men, go ahead and schedule your facial!!

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