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10 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day!

Posted by O2 Face & Body Spa on Jan 24, 2019 12:46:30 PM

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! It's time to start booking reservations and coming up with plan! Whether this is a special night with your significant other or a friends get together, start planning something amazing! Here is a list of Date Ideas to get you thinking in the right direction! Celebrate Love with thoughtfulness this year!


Here are 10 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day!

 1. Movie Date - Do this at home or at the theater! Get creative at home and order delivery, have special popcorn, wine, chocolate and snuggle up!

 2. Nature Walk with Picnic - go for a romantic hike, hold hands, and talk! Phones away - pack a lunch or pick up take out on your way! Get away from the hustle and unwind in the outdoors!



3. Recreate your First Date - Remember where you first met? Go there, hike the same trail or go to the restaurant and order the same entree, buy the same drinks and have fun!



4. Restaurant Crawl - or maybe an Uber Crawl - historically the "food crawl" would consist of a few restaurants within walking distance of each other. But with Uber or Lyft, the possibilities are endless! Have an appetizer at one restaurant, entree at another and then finish with dessert and coffee at a third! This is a fun way to keep things exciting!

5.  Spa day  - Treat each other to massages and facials and leave refreshed and relaxed, knowing you spent your money on something that will refresh you both! And remember a gift card is always a great gift for him or her! These can even be purchased online to save time!



6. Think outside the box! Maybe go see live music or go to a local brewery and experience new brews! See if there are any special events local businesses are putting on!

7. Getaway night or weekend - Plan a romantic night at a nearby Bed and Breakfast, hotel or even one of the newly popular "glamping" spots and have a romantic getaway! 



8. Go see a Sports Event - Basketball, hockey, etc! Now, not every girl or guy will appreciate this option! But there are some out there who would love it! Maybe make a bet on which team wins and the loser pays for dinner!

9.  Take a tour! ...of a local unexplored town, venue or museum! Visit a unique place that's located near you!

10. Go all out! ... in true Valentine's Day style! Here you have the stereotypical Valentine's Day date! Get all fancy, bring flowers to her door and wine and dine the night away! If you don't do this often or ever, this may be just what your relationship needs! 


In the end, Valentine's Day is about celebrating love and the special person in your life! Take time during these activities to get to know them more. Smell the flowers, watch the sunset or sunrise and take time to enjoy each other!





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