Massage & Body Treatments

Massage therapy is used for a variety of health-related purposes, including pain relief, sport injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, relaxation, anxiety and depression relief, and general wellness.

At O2 Face and Body, we are here for you in all seasons of life. We know needs change and our qualified massage therapists are knowledgable, accommodating and ready to service your unique needs!


    This relaxing treatment increases circulation, releases toxins from tired achy muscles.


    30 mins - $50 I 60 mins - $80 I 90 mins - $110


    Aimed toward decreasing tension within the deeper muscle tissues. Assists in relieving chronic tension and pain.


    30 mins - $60 I 60 mins - $90 I 90 mins - $125


    Relief from aches and pains for moms-to-be after the first trimester.


    30 mins - $60 I 60 mins - $90 I 90 mins - $125


    Heated stones are applied to the body to relax and release tight muscles.


    1 hour - $90 I 90 mins - $125


    Concentration on the head, neck, and shoulders to relax and relieve upper-body tension.


    30 mins - $60 I 45 mins - $70


    Concentrating on the feet, this treatment reduces pain and stress. Promotes health benefits such as detoxification, relaxation of tension, improvement
    of circulation and release endorphins.


    30 mins - $60 I 60 mins - $90


    A form of deep tissue massage, warm bamboo sticks are used, allowing the therapist to use more strength and stamina for deeper pressure.


    1 hour - $90 I 90 mins - $125


    A form of healing in which the practitioner works to restore the client’s energy centers (chakras) to their most natural state of flow. This process helps to restore and strengthen the whole system—mind, body, spirit—for wellness.


    30 mins - $60 I 60 mins - $90


    A light pressure massage stimulates the natural drainage of the lymphatic system, which helps to eliminate fluid and toxins from the body.


    1 hour - $90 I 90 mins - $125


    Exfoliation of area followed by application of our specially blended cellulite cream. Manipulation of the tissue with the use of silicone cups to assist diminishing the appearance of cellulite.


    Buttocks and Thighs

    45 mins - $80 

    Arms, abdomen, or back add-on

    15 mins each - $30 per additional service


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